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late for work 上班迟到

  do you feel guilty if you are late for work? one in ten workers said that they arrive late to work at least once a week and about 24% said they arrive late at least once a month。



  jane: sorry, ma lin, i'm late. 对不起,马林,我迟到了。

  ma lin: jane, that's the second time this week, isn't it? 珍妮,这是本星期的第二次了,是吧?

  jane: yes. my bus was late again. 是的,公共汽车又来迟了。

  ma lin: is it possible for you to take an earlier bus? 你能搭乘一班早一些的公汽吗?

  jane: i think so. i'm going to do that tomorrow. 我想是可以的,我打算明天就这么办。

  ma lin: perhaps we can change your working hours a bit if you wish. 如果你愿意,也许我们可以改一下你得工作时间。

  jane: no, thanks. i can manage. 不用了,谢谢。我能设法应付的。

  ma lin: all right. if there's anything i can do for you, please don't hesitate to let me know. 好的,如果有什么事我能为你做,请尽管告诉我。

  jane: that's very kind of you. ma lin. 你太好了,马林。


  向别人表示歉意时,首先要承认自己做错了事,或做出了不礼貌的行为,并且通常要说明原因,表示遗憾。最简单的道歉方式是说i'm sorry。但这往往不够,还需要对你所做的错事做出解释之后,做出改正和改进的许诺,表示不会让错误再次发生。如果你真的做错了事,给对方造成伤害或带来不利的影响,这时做无谓的解释,只能欲盖弥彰,效果相反。

  情景对话 2:


  wang ping: i'm sorry to have kept you waiting so long. 真抱歉让您久等了。

  tom: that's ok. what made you so late? 没关系,你怎么来这么晚?

  wang ping: i was tied up with some urgent business. 有急事脱不开身。

  tom: i see. 我明白了。

  wang ping: you've visited some places of interest in beijing during the last few days, haven't you? 您已经参观了北京的许多名胜古迹,对吗?

  tom: yes, we've visited many places such as the imperial palace, the temple of heaven and the great wall. well, during my visit to xi'an, i suddenly got an idea that we should build a synthetic fiber works there. it will be a joint venture. 是的。参观了许多地方,比如说故宫、天坛和长城。对了,在西安参观时,我突然产生了一个想法:我们应该在那里开办一家合资性质的合成纤维厂。

  wang ping: that's a great idea. we'll surely try our best to cooperate with you. we have many favorable conditions to run a joint wenture there. you can get full support from the local government there。那太好了。我们一定尽全力与贵方合作。我们有许多有利条件。贵方可以得到当地政府方面的全力支持。

  tom: that sounds really attracting. and what about the details? 听起来确实很有吸引力。那么,有哪些细节?

  wang ping: if it is convenient for you, we can go and visit the local government for those details. 如果你有时间,我们可以去拜访一下当地的政府,了解一下细节。

  tom: all right. let's make it 9 o'clock tomorrow morning. 好的,就定在明天早上九点钟吧。





  i'm really / awfully / terribly sorry。

  i cannot tell you how sorry i am。

  please forgive me. i don't mean that。

  please forgive my carelessness。

  please excuse me. i have to run。


  that's okey。

  it's nothing。

  it doesn't matter at all。

  never mind。

  don't worry about that。

  just forget it。


  i'm really sorry to be late again。

  i'm awfully sorry. i didn't realize。

  it was wrong of me。

  i hope you will excuse me。

  i apologize for that。

  but i'm afraid i'll have to put off the meeting。

 it's my fault 工作失误

  everyone makes mistakes. usually you can correct your error or just forget about it. making a mistake at work, however, can be more serious. when you make a mistake at work your career may depend on what you do next。



  manager: ok, let's get started. mike, we'll begin with reports on the peace clinic. is everything going smoothly? 好,迈克,我们开始吧。我们先来看看平安诊所的工程。一切都还顺利吧?

  mike: uh, i'm afraid there'll be a delay of at least one week. 恐怕得要拖延一个星期。

  manager: what's holding things up? 是什么给耽误的?

  mike: it's my fault. i didn't hire enough people. i screwed up. 是我的错。我雇的人手不够。我把事情给弄砸了。

  manager: ok, these things happen, but what have you done to correct the situation? aren't the guys working overtime? 好了。这种事情既然已经发生了,你怎么解决这种情况呢?工人是不是在加班?

  mike: yeah, but they've been working overtime for a month now, and they aren't all happy about it. 是的,不过他们加了一个月的班了,他们已经不太乐意了。

  manager: well, have you hired more people? 那你有没有再雇人?

  mike: i put an ad in the newspaper, but i haven't got many replies so far. 我已经在报纸上登了广告,不过目前仍没有多少回音。

  manager: how long ago was the ad in the paper? 广告登了多长时间了?

  mike: six days ago. i wonder why we're not getting a better response? 六天了。我也奇怪怎么没有人来?

  manager: there's a lot of construction in this area right now. there's the new convention center, and the new headquarters for forex electronics. it's hard to find good workers at the moment. 目前这个地区的工程很多,像新会议中心、福莱克斯电子公司的总部大楼。现在很难招到好的工人。

  mike: i'm sorry. i made a big mistake not hiring enough guys on the crew last spring. 我很抱歉。去年春季我没多招些人真是个大错误。

  manager: okay. tell the guys it'll be just one more week of overtime. but we've got back on schedule. 好了。告诉工人就再加一个星期的班。不过我们必须得抓紧时间了。


  1 i didn't hire enough people. i screwed up。

  screw up=cause to fail or be spoiled 搞糟,破坏


  having the car stolen completely screwed up our holiday plan。

  we really screwed up when we invited jane and her ex-boyfriend to the party。

  2 tell the guys it'll be just one more week of overtime。


  例句:hey, guys, how are you doing?



  a: have you finished the monthly report? 本月的报告做好了吗?

  b: yes, here it is. do you approve of the way i typed this report? 做好了,在这儿。报告这样打,你同意吗?

  a: well...can i be frank with you? 我跟你直说了吧。

  b: by all means, please. 尽管说。

  a: well, to be quite honest, i find it unsatisfactory. 说实话,我不太满意。

  b: oh, i'm sorry. could you be a little more specific? 真对不起,你能说得再具体点吗?

  a: yes, i'm not particularly happy about the layout. 行,我觉得格式很不妥。

  b: oh, i see the problem now. i'll retype it. 哦,我知道是什么问题了。我重打一遍。

  a: i'd appreciate that. 谢谢。


  1 在与英语国家的人们交谈时,难免要请教一些词或词组的意思,此时惯常的、礼貌的做法是先为打扰了他人或占用了他人的时间表示道歉,然后请求解释词义。一般来讲,只要你提问的场合与时间适宜,他们都会非常乐意回答你的。在本对话中这句 "oh, i'm sorry. could you be a little more specific?" 这是澄清含义的一种表达方法。

  2 do you approve of the way i typed the report?

  approve (of) = agree officially 同意,赞成


  we had to wait months for the council to approve (of) our plan to extend our house。

  if the directors approve of it, we'll buy the new computer system。

  3 by all means, please。

  by all means 务必,一定,当然可以

  例句:--may i borrow this book? --by all means。


  i made a mistake。

  it's my fault。

  i screwed up。

  i didn't realize that i should.。。

  could you be a little more specific?

  oh, you're the guilty party。

  what's holding things up?

  what have you done to correct the situation?

 ask for leave 我想请假

  an employee must inform the employer before starting the leave that he or she will be taking a personal leave of absence。



  jane: i can't make it to work today. i've got the flu or something. 我今天不能来上班了,我得了流感。

  lynn: oh, no! that's too bad. is there anything i can do for you? 哦,不!那太糟糕了。我能帮你什么忙吗?

  jane: well, there is one thing, if you don't mind. 哦,有一件事要麻烦你。

  lynn: no problem. what is it? 没问题,什么事?

  jane: i'm scheduled to give a thirty-minute tour of the factory this afternoon. 我今天下午本来安排了半个小时带人参观工厂。

  lynn: a thirty-minute tour? sure. i'll take care of that for you. who's going to be on the tour? 半个小时的参观?没问题,我帮你。谁要来参观?

  jane: oh, it's a group of fifty junior high school students. 是50多个初中学生。

  lynn: well, yeah, i guess i could do that for you...sure. 好,我想我能帮你,没问题。

  jane: really? thanks a million. i really appreciate it. 真的?太感谢了,我非常感谢。

  lynn: don't mention it! 不客气。







  坦率就是直截了当地提出自己的要求,不要绕圈子。英美人一般比较坦率,能帮忙的,会马上答应。如果爱莫能助,也会当场说明理由,加以拒绝:i think i'll be able to help you, but.。。

  情景对话 2:


  king: morning, hunter. 早上好,亨特。

  hunter: hi, king. what can i do for you? 你好,金。有什么事吗?

  king: i'd like to talk to you about my vacation. 我想同你谈谈我的假期。

  hunter: you're lucky, king. i'm just going to draw up the holiday rotation this year. so, go ahead and tell me what you want. 你真幸运,金。我刚准备制订今年的假期轮值表。所以,说吧,告诉我你有什么要求。

  king: well, i'm planning to have three weeks' leave in january and i want to use my vacation days for this year. 是这样,我正计划在一月份休假三个星期,而且我想用我今年的休假日。

  hunter: going abroad, i suppose? 准备出国,是不是?

  king: yes, i want to go to see my parents in china. 是的,我想去探望在中国的父母。

  hunter: good idea. but it so happened that donald wanted to get away in january too. and you can't be away at the same time as donald. 好主意。不过碰巧唐纳德也想一月份休假,而你不能跟唐纳德同时休假。

  king: why can't we both go when we want? 为什么我们不能想去休假的时候都去呢?

  hunter: because there must be someone to keep the work going. 因为总得有人把工作进行下去。

  king: i see. so when i'm away, donald has to stand in for me. 我明白了。这么说当我休假时唐纳德得替代我?

  hunter: yes, and vice versa. 是的,而且反过来也是。

  king: well. you know, i have a good reason for chossing january. 这个,你知道,我挑选一月份是有原因的。

  hunter: what's that? 什么原因?

  king: because we celebrate the spring festival in january this year, and it's our tradition to have a family reunion then. 因为今年我们在一月份庆祝春节,而且春节期间合家团圆是我们的传统。

  hunter: all right. i'll do my best to meet your request. 那好吧,我会尽量满足你得要求。

  king: that's very kind of you, hunter. thank you very much. 你真是太好了,亨特,非常感谢。

  hunter: no problem. 不用谢。


  1 i'm just going to draw up the holiday rotation。

  draw up = prepare, compose 预备,草拟

  例句:he drew up the contract this morning。

  2 i'll do my best to meet your request。

  meet = satisfy (a demand, etc。) 应付,满足

  例句:can you satisfy their objections / criticisms?


  i've been busy with work for a long time and need rest。

  i'm going to take a home leave and join my family next week。

  i'm not feeling well this morning. i'll ask for a day's leave to see the doctor。

  i have to tell you i won't be in today。

  i want to have a two-week leave next month to prepare for my wedding。

  we're celebrating my mother's sixtieth birthday this coming may. i'm asking for a week's leave。

  when are you going to take your vacation?

  we'll not be too busy recently. you can arrange your vacation now。

  would you please start your vacation after we finish the project?

  please stay at home since you're not feeling well。

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