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 safety is the usual choice for global travelers when faced with a menu of unknown dishes. but a great meal transcends all cultural boundaries, and sharing the food of your host country is the best way to connect with its people and culture。



  argentina 阿根廷

  this south american nation is best known for beef and empanadas1, but there’s so much more to explore. believe it or not, the ice cream here is among the best in the world, and dulce de leche and malbec2 flavors are absolute must-haves. if you’re in the mood for cheese, don’t leave without sampling provoleta – a smoky provolone3 sprinkled with oregano. as for native andean cuisine, locro, a hearty stew of corn, beans, squash and meat, is delicious。



  no culinary trip here is complete without a visit to the state of bahia. first thing to order: moqueca de peixe, a fish (and sometimes shrimp) stew made with tomatoes and coconut milk. for a satisfying weekend lunch – not unlike american brunch – feijoada4, a heavy stew of beans, meat and sausage, served with rice, can be found all over brazil. if you’re looking for something lighter, fresh grilled fish with tomato-and-onion salad coupled with a couple of brahma5 beers is a perfect beach meal。



  in beijing the restaurants in the alleyways of qian men are renowned for hot pot, or huo guo. here you’ll find the streets are lined with boiling pots filled with soup ingredients. its excellent selections range from mongolian specialties – best known for lamb and mutton dishes – and spicy szechuan。

  some 600-plus miles away, shanghai is best known for its street food, especially soup dumplings. but don’t stop there, shen jian bao, steamed pork bun, makes for a perfect for snack, while jian bing, egg-based crepes with a bean sauce or chili smear, is a local power breakfast。




  word of advice: avoid street food. try to score an invite to a local dinner table rather than settle for street vendors. many locals are vegetarian, but indian cuisine includes a variety of delicious meat and seafood. grilled minced lamb, seekh kebabs, are the staple of tandoori6 cooking, while the nation’s coastal regions are renowned for masala (spiced) fish or prawns. natives advise caution when eating seafood during the monsoon months of june to august due to the increase in water-borne diseases。

  while india conjures up images of curries, local specialties are worth digging around for. in north india, never say no to chaat or paani-puri. these delicious crispy crackers are dressed up with condiments7 of the sweet and spicy variety. if you’re in the south, don’t leave without trying fresh coconut. traveling tappers climb coconut trees, tap the fruit’s blossom and decant the sap into a bottle. as the day progresses, the liquid becomes increasingly intoxicating, transforming from a light, fizzy drink mid-morning and fermenting into a seriously strong alcoholic drink by evening。




  pizza not exotic enough for you? the pizza in naples has a “dop8” stamp of approval from the italian government to authenticate it. the ingredients are simply dough and a rich marinara sauce with oregano. locals say there’s something in the water density in naples that guarantees you will never have a pizza like it anywhere else in the world。

  if you’re lucky enough to be around during the autumn truffle season, try uova con tartufi – fried eggs with truffle oil. it can’t be found on restaurant menus, but chefs from tuscany and umbria will know exactly what you mean if you ask for it。


  如果你足够幸运是在秋季松露季节前后来到意大利,那么一定要尝尝加了松露油的煎蛋“uova con tartufi”。虽然餐厅的菜谱上没有这种煎蛋,但如果你点这个食物的话,来自托斯卡纳区和翁布里亚的厨师们肯定知道你点的是什么。


  you can get great sushi almost everywhere, so when you’re in japan it’s worth trying other delicacies. okonomiyaki, a savory pancake (or japanese pizza) from hiroshima, is made with batter, vegetables, seaweed, meat, a sweet sauce resembling worcestershire9, and japanese mayonnaise. other regional delicacies include anago-meshi, or sea eel rice, and tonkatsu ramen from hakata, a pork-bone white soup with ramen noodles。



  many dishes, such as hummus10, a delicious chickpea spread, are pervasive throughout the middle east. but when you’re in beirut, don’t leave without trying mezze, a selection of starters with dips like hummus and the smoky eggplant baba ganoush, fresh vegetables, olives and leavened bread that could be a meal in itself。

  lebanese cuisine relies heavily on poultry and meat, especially lamb, grilled or served in a stew. lebanon also has a growing wine industry, but only order if you’re handed a wine menu; traditional islamic law generally prohibits drinking alcohol。




  the best meals are worth the money in russia. if you see solyanka on the menu, don’t hesitate to order. this salty, sour and often spicy soup combined with meat or fish and topped with smetana, russian sour cream, is delicious。

  borscht and pelmeni (dumplings) are ubiquitously russian, but experiment with different varieties, such as salmon and wild mushroom pelmeni. borscht can be spiced up with roasted apples and smoked goose breast. if you find the time, a culinary side trip to georgia or armenia in search of azerbaijaini plov, a spiced rice dish cooked with meat and dried fruit, is worth the journey。


  罗宋汤和俄罗斯饺子“佩尔米尼”在俄罗斯非常常见,不过你也可以尝尝各种不同的口味,比如鲑鱼和野蘑菇水饺。罗宋汤可以用烘烤过的苹果和熏鹅脯来提味。如果你有时间的话,可以顺便去游览一下格鲁吉亚或亚美尼亚,品尝一种用肉和果脯烹制而成的香米饭“azerbaijaini plov”,绝对不虚此行。


  if you’re anywhere in spain, you must try manchego. manchego has an intense flavor, so enjoy it solo with bread, served with olives and meat or accompanied by a full-bodied red wine – a rioja makes sense。

  barcelona is part of catalunya, a region in spain that has a very distinct culture and cuisine. must-haves include patatas bravas, crisp-fried potatoes with a secret sauce, and mel i mato, a curd cheese and honey dessert cooked in an earthenware pot. even if you’re rushing on an overnight trip through barcelona, don’t leave without sampling these two dishes!



  1. empanada: (南美的)肉馅卷饼。

  2. malbec: 马尔白克是一种葡萄的名称,在阿根廷,用这种葡萄酿制的酒属于高档酒。

  3. provolone: (意大利)波萝伏洛干酪(一种柔软的梨形干酪;亦作provolone cheese)。

  4. feijoada: 巴西的“国菜”,它是一种用黑豆和肉类(通常是牛肉或猪肉)烹饪而成的炖菜,通常在周末时食用。

  5. 博浪啤酒始于1888年,是巴西销量最大的啤酒品牌,是全球最大的啤酒酿造商——英博集团旗下的旗舰品牌之一。

  6. tandoori n. 泥炉炭火烹饪法(一种印度烹饪法)。

  7. condiment n. 辛辣调味品,辛辣佐料(如胡椒、芥末等)。

  8. dop: 亦作pdo(protected denomination of original),它是全面表示农产品的原产地及其由来的品质认证。

  9. worcestershire: 伍斯特沙司或辣酱油,是一种英国调味料,味道酸甜微辣。

  10. hummus n. 鹰嘴豆泥(鹰嘴豆捣碎后加麻油、大蒜、欧芹等配制而成的冷食,为中东国家的开胃食品)。

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