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keep things offline
21岁的刘敏(音译)就读于纽约新学院人文科学专业,17岁时她注册了facebook账号,并在上面定期记录下大学生活的点滴细节,从与朋友在天台上畅饮,再到去市区夜店跳舞。但最近她改变主意了。 min liu, a 21-year-old liberal arts student at the new school in new york city, got a facebook account at 17 and chronicled her college life in detail, from rooftop drinks with friends to dancing at a downtown club. recently, though, she has had second thoughts.

考虑到自己的职业前途,她请朋友撤下了一张自己着紧身衣喝酒的照片。实习期间,女上司想加入刘敏在facebook上的朋友圈,尽管她同意了这个申请,但对个人主页设置了浏览权限。她说:“我希望人们能够重视我。” concerned about her career prospects, she asked a friend to take down a photograph of her drinking and wearing a tight dress. when the woman overseeing her internship asked to join her facebook circle, ms. liu agreed, but limited access to her facebook page. “i want people to take me seriously,” she said.
传统观点认为,30岁以下人群愿意在网上大晒自己生活的方方面面。但许多畅谈无忌的一代都在重新思考,如此大胆地去秀生活究竟有何意义。 the conventional wisdom suggests that everyone under 30 is comfortable revealing every facet of their lives online. but many members of the tell-all generation are rethinking what it means to live out loud.
尽管社交网站的注册人数依旧高居不下,但加州大学伯克利分校于上个月发起的一项调查显示,受访者中超过1/2的成年人比五年前更加关注隐私问题。 while participation in social networks is still strong, a survey released last month by the university of california, berkeley, found that more than half the young adults questioned had become more concerned about privacy than they were five years ago.
同年长者相比,他们更愿意设法去保护自己。本月“皮尤网络项目”开展了一项新研究,结果表明20岁人群比年长者更加关注网络声誉,在删除不想让别人看到的帖子以及设置个人信息浏览权限方面的动作也更加频繁。 they are more diligent than older adults, however, in trying to protect themselves. in a new study to be released this month, the pew internet project has found that people in their 20s exert more control over their digital reputations than older adults, more vigorously deleting unwanted posts and limiting information about themselves.
皮尤中心主要研究人们的网络行为。该调研负责人,资深研究专员玛丽•马登表示:“网络社交需要警觉性,不仅要关注自己发布的内容,还有朋友们发布的与你有关的文章。现在你要为所有事负责。” “social networking requires vigilance, not only in what you post, but what your friends post about you,” said mary madden, a senior research specialist who oversaw the study by pew, which examines online behavior. “now you are responsible for everything.”
对社交网站活跃用户来说,个人隐私外泄已经变成一个紧迫问题。上周facebook紧急修复了其安全漏洞,该漏洞允许用户浏览好友的隐私信息,包括私人聊天记录。 the erosion of privacy has become a pressing issue among active users of social networks. last week, facebook scrambled to fix a security breach that allowed users to see their friends’ supposedly private information, including personal chats.
人们对社交网站的不信任感正在与日俱增。。加州大学伯克利分校法律与技术研究中心于去年七月开展了一项千人电话问卷调查,年龄在18岁至24岁间的受访者中有88%的人表示应制定相关法规,要求网站清除已储存的个人信息。62%的受访者表示应颁布相关法律,使人们有权获知社交网站关于自己的个人信息。 mistrust of the intentions of social sites appears to be pervasive. in its telephone survey of 1,000 people, the berkeley center for law and technology at the university of california found that 88 percent of the 18- to 24-year-olds it surveyed last july said there should be a law that requires web sites to delete stored information. and 62 percent said they wanted a law that gave people the right to know everything a web site knows about them.
这种不信任感正逐渐转化为行动。在皮尤中心即将公布的一份调查中,研究者们在去年夏末共采访了2253名成年人,结果发现18至29岁的人们较年长者更倾向于监控自己的隐私设置,同时他们也更频繁地删除留言,或去掉照片上的名字以防被认出。 that mistrust is translating into action. in the pew study, to be released shortly, researchers interviewed 2,253 adults late last summer and found that people ages 18 to 29 were more apt to monitor privacy settings than older adults are, and they more often delete comments or remove their names from photos so they cannot be identified.
一些年龄更小的孩子并未成为研究对象,或许他们不会对个人隐私问题如此紧张。但也有观察表明,他们中的许多人缺少足够的经验,来理解过度分享的弊端。 younger teenagers were not included in these studies, and they may not have the same privacy concerns. but anecdotal evidence suggests that many of them have not had enough experience to understand the downside to oversharing.

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