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multinational companies in china are bracing for a renewed talent war, with job-hopping and poaching expected to increase along with economic recovery.

  during the global downturn, foreign companies in china had little difficulty retaining staff, but conditions are changing as the country helps lead the world out of recession.

  carl redondo, general manager for asia-pacific at hewitt associates, a human resource consultancy, said: “the war for talent is back on and bigger.”
  人力资源咨询公司翰威特(hewitt associates)亚太区总经理卡尔•雷东多(carl redondo)表示:“人才争夺战再次打响,而且规模更大。”

  hewitt estimates that the average voluntary employee turnover rate for foreign companies in china will this year return to pre-crisis levels of more than 15 per cent. last year, the rate fell to 14.2 per cent from 17.4 per cent in 2008.

  while the talent shortage is expected to be most acute for highly skilled professionals in sectors such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and financial services, chinese export-related companies face a severe shortage of factory workers.

  analysts say an ageing population, declining birth rates, diminishing company loyalty and growing investment in china are contributing to a tighter labour market. there is some evidence that local companies are increasingly poaching trained staff from multinationals, such as basf, the world's largest chemicals group by revenues.

  peter johann, head of human resources in asia for basf, said the loss of each employee was a “disaster”. “more and more local companies come up and see our skilled, well trained workers as a nice pool,” said mr johann.
  巴斯夫亚洲区人力资源部门主管彼得•约翰(peter johann)表示,失去任何一名员工都是一场“灾难”。“越来越多的本土公司都开始觊觎我们,把我们受过良好培训的高技能员工视为一个理想的人才池,”他表示。

  colin tan, china country director at akzo nobel, the dutch chemicals producer, expects the “war for talent” to intensify this year. “job- hopping may increase but we hope our senior managers will stay,” said mr tan.
  荷兰化工生产商阿克苏诺贝尔公司(akzo nobel)中国区人力资源主管colin tan预计,今年的“人才争夺战”将会加剧。“跳槽现象可能会增多,但我们希望我们的高级经理能留下来,”他表示。

  labour market experts say financial firms are concerned that a long-term talent shortage could hurt business plans, particularly as the local market becomes increasingly appealing. banks are also concerned about attracting talent as big local institutions begin to look and feel much more like foreign rivals.

  hsbc, for example, plans to keep expanding in china in 2010 after adding 19 outlets last year. goldman sachs anticipates “significant growth” in china but said the “key to that growth is hiring good people”.
  例如,在去年新增了19家分支机构后,汇丰(hsbc)计划在2010年保持扩张势头。高盛(goldman sachs)则预计中国业务将出现“大幅增长”,但表示“实现这种增长的关键是招募到合适的人才”。

  jill malila of mercer, a human resource consultancy, said that wages at multinationals in china were already climbing. she forecast that they would rise an average of 7.2 per cent this year, an increased pace from 6.9 per cent last year.
  人力资源顾问公司美世(mercer)的吉尔•玛丽拉(jill malila)表示,在华跨国公司的工资水平已有所提升。她预计,今年的平均工资增幅将为7.2%,高于去年的6.9%。

  some employers that froze salaries in 2009 might have to play catch up in the pay race just to remain competitive and retain staff.

  ms malila said: “as the war for talent heats up, employers shouldn't be surprised if the cost for talent increases . . . 50 per cent to 70 per cent at some professional levels.”

  garry wang, head of m&a advisory services at mercer, who also chairs the human resources forum at the european chamber of commerce in china, noted that for new china market entrants, it was much easier to poach than to develop internal talent.
  美世并购咨询总监王翔弘(garry wang)指出,对于新进入中国市场的公司而言,挖人的难度要远低于从内部培养人才。他同时担任中国欧盟商会(euccc)人力资源论坛(human resources forum)主席。

  even google, the online search company, has become the target of aggressive poaching by local technology companies after it threatened to leave china.

  foreign companies are also having to take into account the fact that young chinese workers, like their american counterparts, tend to shift jobs relatively frequently.

  while foreign companies are taking steps to protect their talent by focusing on salaries, career development and job satisfaction, mr redondo warned that there were limits. “there is only so long that you can throw money at people,” he said.

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