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good morning, everybody. this morning i want to extend to the people of haiti the deep condolences and unwavering support of the american people following yesterday’s terrible earthquake.
  we are just now beginning to learn the extent of the devastation, but the reports and images that we’ve seen of collapsed hospitals, crumbled homes, and men and women carrying their injured neighbors through the streets are truly heart-wrenching. indeed, for a country and a people who are no strangers to hardship and suffering, this tragedy seems especially cruel and incomprehensible. our thoughts and prayers are also with the many haitian-americans around our country who do not yet know the fate of their families and loved ones back home.
  i have directed my administration to respond with a swift, coordinated, and aggressive effort to save lives. the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble, and to deliver the humanitarian relief — the food, water and medicine — that haitians will need in the coming days. in that effort, our government, especially usaid and the departments of state and defense, are working closely together and with our partners in haiti, the region, and around the world.
  right now our efforts are focused on several urgent priorities. first, we’re working quickly to account for u.s. embassy personnel and their families in port-au-prince, as well as the many american citizens who live and work in haiti. americans trying to locate family members in haiti are encouraged to contact the state department at (888) 407-4747. i’m going to repeat that — (888) 407-4747.
  second, we’ve mobilized resources to help rescue efforts. military overflights have assessed the damage, and by early afternoon our civilian disaster assistance team are beginning to arrive. search-and-rescue teams from florida, virginia and california will arrive throughout today and tomorrow, and more rescue and medical equipment and emergency personnel are being prepared.
  because in disasters such as this the first hours and days are absolutely critical to saving lives and avoiding even greater tragedy, i have directed my teams to be as forward-leaning as possible in getting the help on the ground and coordinating with our international partners as well.
  third, given the many different resources that are needed, we are taking steps to ensure that our government acts in a unified way. my national security team has led an interagency effort overnight. and to ensure that we coordinate our effort, going forward, i’ve designated the administrator of the u.s. agency for international development, dr. rajiv shah, to be our government’s unified disaster coordinator.
  now, this rescue and recovery effort will be complex and challenging. as we move resources into haiti, we will be working closely with partners on the ground, including the many n.g.o.’s from haiti and across haiti, the united nations stabilization mission, which appears to have suffered its own losses, and our partners in the region and around the world. this must truly be an international effort.
  finally, let me just say that this is a time when we are reminded of the common humanity that we all share. with just a few hundred miles of ocean between us and a long history that binds us together, haitians are neighbors of the americas and here at home. so we have to be there for them in their hour of need.
  despite the fact that we are experiencing tough times here at home, i would encourage those americans who want to support the urgent humanitarian efforts to go to whitehouse.gov where you can learn how to contribute. we must be prepared for difficult hours and days ahead as we learn about the scope of the tragedy. we will keep the victims and their families in our prayers. we will be resolute in our response, and i pledge to the people of haiti that you will have a friend and partner in the united states of america today and going forward.
  may god bless the people of haiti and those working on their behalf.
  thank you very much.
  目前我们的救援活动主要集中于以下几个紧急的方面。首先,我们迅速查明了在海地首都太子港的美国驻海地大使馆人员及其家人的情况,以及很多在海地生活工作的美国公民的情况。寻亲者可联系美国国务院,寻亲热线为(888) 407-4747。我再重复一遍,(888) 407-4747。

  海地当地时间2010年1月12日下午发生7.0级强烈地震后,位于首都太子港的总统府及多座其他政府建筑被震塌,包括外交部在内的多处通讯和电力供应中断。据美国有线电视新闻网报道,海地总理让-马克斯•贝勒里夫(jean-max bellerive)13日称,海地强震造成的死亡人数可能高达10万人。
  海地驻美国大使约瑟夫(raymond joseph)表示,通讯线路中断前海地总统普雷瓦尔的参谋长弗里兹·朗尚(fritzlongchamp)在电话中称,海地总统府附近的建筑“东倒西歪”。随后通讯中断,约瑟夫就与朗尚失去了联系。
  海地驻美国纽约的总领事弗利克斯·奥格斯丁(felix augustin)表示,他十分担心在海地的所有人的状况,其中还包括他的亲戚。他表示,“通讯完全没有可能”,他试着与外交部联系但一直无法接通,“简直令人难以置信”。

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